How to make your profile stand out in LinkedIn

You may not be aware of it but the truth is that it is the LinkedIn profile, which is making it all the more difficult for you to land on a high paid job. Of course, I am not saying that your LinkedIn profile is making your online presence look bad or misrepresenting you to the prospective employers. This is definitely not the case what I am trying to suggest is that you need to spruce up the look and feel of your LinkedIn profile otherwise potential employers may not be able to differentiate you from the rest of the 150 million users thriving currently on this B2B networking site. So, if you are clueless where to start, this post is for you:


Have an Awesome Headline:

You may feel proud to be the head of the Sales team but there are some hundreds of people who are claiming the same thing. So, this is definitely not anything cool and creative. Most LinkedIn users are in the habit of using Company name and job title as their USP but this is really boring unto death. So, in order to make your profile stand out, you need to work hard to have a really interesting and catchy headline. You can try something weird as well; just make sure that you are not going overboard with it.


Ordinary Titles:

You can be a great physician but the problem is that there are so many people working on the same profession that it will be really tough for you to make your LinkedIn profile stand out among the crowd. So, you have to play around the concept of title a bit. Rather than using general title like – “Conversion Optimizer”, you should be using something cool like “Conversion Killer” [does not sound that great right? Yeah I know. Then come up with something cool]. If you are finding it tough to come up with a super cool title, you can take the suggestions of your friends and colleagues and believe me something cool is going to happen.

What About SEO:

You simply cannot believe that your prospective employer will be searching the LinkedIn data base with your name. What most employers do is make a search with a phrase or a keyword and then go through the profiles that come up and then send them mail. Fairly simple process. So, it is quite obvious that your profile needs to attain visibility in those key phrases otherwise prospective employers will never be able to locate an eligible candidate like you. The rule of thumb is you need to spread the keywords throughout the profile page evenly. Hopefully, with it your profile will appear in search engines result page and LinkedIn profile search page.


Be Active:

One of the easiest ways to gain attention of your prospective employers is by being active on LinkedIn. However, your job does not end with posting some URLs or commenting in the links of others. Do not talk and act like a robot; rather you need to have a human voice. Make sure your prospective employers can form an idea about you from your updates in LinkedIn profile. And try to gather as many recommendations from your colleagues and clients as possible as this will go a long way to establish your brand image.


About the Author: Michael Evans is a familiar name in the blogosphere and he works for WebArts, which offers Cyprus SEO services.

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