Open Invitation For Guest Posts

Hi friends do you think you can contribute something to, would you like to write a guest post for it? If you can then you are very welcome!! Consider this an open invitation.

Guest posting on HariGeek is subject to the following guidelines:

1. The submission must be relevant to the subject matter that’s already found on HariGeek i.e. providing tips on Blogging, SEO, Windows Tips and Tricks, Hacks, Making money Online, Adsense, Social Media and Reviews.

2. The submission must be original, new and unique, of reasonable length, and those including images/media must meet the requirement below:

Language - All submissions must be in English and accompanied by the URL for the guest author's blog or site and link to published articles written by them.

Original - The article should be new, unique and should not be already published in some other site or blog. The blogger submitting a post must be the author of the post submitted.

Include a Bio- Include a short bio with the link to your blog or post. The blog or post should be written by you.

You will not get paid for writing a guest post, but you can include a link to your own blog in your bio.

If you are interested please contact us through the contact form in contact page.

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