RIM extends PlayBook festive offer by a week

Within days of slashing prices of its PlayBook tablet Pc by almost half, Blackberry-maker RIM has said the device is sold out in retail outlets across the country, which har prompted it to extend the festive offer by a week.

"We are pleased to see the exvitement and overwhelming reponse to our limited festive offer on BlackBerry PlayBook. I belive that the 16GB and 32GB version of the PlayBook is completely sold out in the retail channels", Research In Motion Managing Director India Sunil Dutt said.

Bouyed by the huge response, the company has now decided to extend the offer by a week, he said.

The company sold more that 1200 devices in just four days since the offer was announced on December 28 and distributors - Redington and Ingram - are waiting for new stock to come in.

We have sold over 12,000 PlayBooks across the country within these four days of the offer period, which ended on December 31, 2011," the distributors said.

Fresh stock is coming in to cater to the demand of customers for the extended offer period of one more week, they added.

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