How to attract Traffic to your Blog/Site

If you are new webmaster then you might be wondering how some people gets 1000’s of visitors per day to their sites.

Although is not impossible to get thousands of visitors per day but it requires lots of hard work and lots of working hours in front of your PC. Some 1 year back when I launched my own domain, I was desperate to get traffic but every day when I checked, I found very few clicks. Then I thought to do some research on other websites/blogs to know their source of traffic. And I came to know that there are many factors which affect the traffic. I started opting some of those points and now a days I gets 200+ unique visitors per day.

Here I am sharing some basic points which I have used to gain quality traffic and hope It will help you too.

Write Original Content:

Search Engine knows, what is unique/Original or what is copied. When somebody searches at Google and they search the topic which you have copied from other sites, they will not find your post but the post you copied. Search Engine will assume it in negative sign and it may hit your SEO

If you want to write interesting content, start searching and gaining information about the topic you are going to write. Make it with your words, be creative and you will gain some traffic. Adding picture and videos to your post is a good way to attract visitors.

Never Stop Writing:

I know it takes very much time to gain information about the topic and then write an article. That is why I told you at the starting that, it requires lots of hard work and lots of working hours to get thousands of visitors per day.

Day by day you will get more people looking at your posts. The more you write, the bigger the chance of somebody finding your blog from Google’s Search. But never copy the content that you write. This is a little hard trick because you want all of the posts that you have written to be original.

Add relevant Tags to your posts:

Tags in your blog are really important. They are as important as the content that you write. In other words the content and the tags are the things that you must focus on. But don’t write a tag that does not belongs to your content. This will miss guide your readers and search engine. As I said earlier any negative sign may hit your SEO.

Comment on Other Blogs:

Go to other blogs, read their articles to gain information, if you have something to say leave comment or participate in discussions. If you have written any post which can help others to understand the topic don’t forget to leave its URL in comment. It will give you a chance to introduce yourself to other bloggers and if you will share interesting things in comment definitely you will get attention of other readers also.

Remember don’t comment like “nice post”, “thanks for sharing”, “loved it” and all. If you don’t know what to comment read the post "8-Tricks to use when you don’t know what to comment". It will help you in this.

Participate in Discussions:

Visit other blogs, join discussion happening in their comments. Answer other’s questions if you can or ask questions if you have any. Join forums and participate in discussions. Leave your blog/site’s URL in signature. If you have something in your blog relevant to discussion, tell others to come and read it by leaving its URL in discussion. Remember don’t post URL of the posts which are not relevant to the discussion and don’t spam.

Use Social Media:

Be a part of the discussion around the globe using the social networks. Open an account in twitter and create a page in facebook about your website. Build embassies in various social networks and get feedback of your presence and increase your publicity in terms of awareness and website traffic. Social Bookmarking can bring lots of traffic to your site. Place in all of your pages a JavaScript Bookmark Button. You should check the number of bookmarks that your pages receive by using our Bookmark Tool.

Guest Blogging:

No doubt Guest Blogging is a best way to build a successful blog. If you write post for other blogs as guest, it will give you a chance to introduce yourself and your blog/site to their readers and if you can write interesting post and able to get attention through your writing skills then they will definitely come to your blog/site and will be your regular readers. Once you became successful brand in your market you can invite other to write guest post for you. If you want to know other advantages of Guest Blogging have a look of the post “Benefits of Guest Blogging”.

Search Engine Optimization:

The structure and the content of your website is the key factor of you Search Engine performance, keep it clear, valid and friendly to your users and to the Search Engine. Design your site search engine friendly, make a keyword analysis for your web pages and optimize them for the correct keywords, build quality links with the correct anchor text and submit your site to all major search engines. Remember that Search Engine Optimization equals quality content and not tricks or black hats.

Interact with your Visitors:

It is the best way to keep your visitors happy and encourage them to visit your bolg/site again. Reply to the comments posted. Start polling so that visitors can poll on interesting topics. Start discussion forums. Use widgets like “Top Commenter” which may attract visitors to comment and to become a one of the Top Commenters. Use social media like Twitter, Facebook and other Blogger Forums to interact with the people. Start posting your queries and if you can, answers the queries of others. Make friends in social media and forum having same interest as your, ask them for give feedback about your work. These are many ways which will make your visitors feel interesting and force them to come back to visit your site again.

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