Blog Submission Result - List of some Interesting Blog

Hello friends thanks for your feedback and participation in our effort of making list of interesting Blogs. We got hundreds of mails regarding Blog Submission in result of our article "Submit Your Blog Here" dated 15/May/2011. We have gone through all the blogs and we found most of them very interesting. We have also included some blog suggested by our team. So finally we are publishing the list of all the blogs. So enjoy and don't forget to provide us your feedback.

1. Pcmastero
All about PC

2. Random Scribblings
Here are some random scribblings of author.

3. Mashable
Well Known site about Social Media News and Web Tips.

4. GeekBlogger
This is about the Blogger Tips and Hacks, Best Blogger Templates and SEO Tips and Tricks.

5. Extreme John
Extreme John Business Blogging, Social Media

6. TechZoomIn
Zoom into blogging and money making ways. It covers blogging tips , SEO, Money making tips and Internet Tips.

Tutorials, Software, Web, Blogging and Social Media.

8. Free Blog Help
Its about blogging tips and tricks , Blogger, WordPress etc.

9. Save Delete
Web Design, Technology News, Blogging, Software, Internet and many more.

Web Design, Technology News, Blogging, SEO, Internet and Money making etc.

11. My C Snippets
For C programs, Turbo C and Graphics.h

12. Technology Blog

Social Media, Blogging, Social Networking, Tech, Internet, SEO, WordPress, or Web Design.

Update 3rd September 2011

14. Trunk Locker
Blog is about my personal experiences in life, happenings and family stuffs.
Writer says "He is a motorcycle rider, that would definitely be on  blog.  I am fond of sharing informative and lesson-filled emails, new things I learned from the net, gadgets, games and more. I post present problems concerning our nation and the world, with some personal insights. And finally, I write because of God and I’ll always honor Him. Yahweh bless."

Update 5th October 2011

15. Link Building
HariGeek's initiative to share your links and get back-links from the sub domain.

These are only few.. we are still checking and will update all the blogs asap.
We are very thankful to all of you, who gave their support to make this successful.
We hope you all will like our effort.... :) Once again thanks to all of you .. keep visiting and keep posting your comments. Your feedback can improve our work...:)

Thanks a lot!

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