Add FeedJit Gadget to your website for Live Traffic Tracking

Feedjit lets you see friends and visitors as they arrive on your blog or website. Know when your best friends read about your latest adventure. Be alerted when your most important clients view your latest product offering. Feedjit lets you know, right now, who is visiting your site. Simply add the Live Traffic Feed and instantly start seeing who is visiting your site as they arrive. For more information visit FeedJit.
I will tell you how can you add feedjit gadget to you website. To add feedjit gadget to you website follow the steps below:
1. Goto FeedJit website.

2. Click on the button shown below:

3. Select your package type

I am choosing Completely Free version.

4. Fill the form and click on the "<< Get you traffic Feed!>> " button.

5. Select the height and width according to your requirement

choose you site type to where you want to install gadget and click on GO! button.

6. Now click on the button shown below.

 It will redirect you to your blogging platform, here i am using blogger platform. Login in blogger and select you blog in which you want to add feedjit. and click on ADD WIDGET button.

yes you have done it .. just try and share you experience.....:)

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