HariGeek.com is Now Dofollow

Many bloggers are actually unaware of the NoFollow / DoFollow situation & the movement that is underway to get WordPress & many of the big social bookmarking / networking sites to drop the NoFollow meta tag.
As we are bloggers and Readers of blogs, Our time is very precious one, It makes sense not to waste our time by posting comments to sites where no one gets any benefit! So finally we decided to change our blog to DoFollow, Yes, We finally proud to say We Spread Your Word. This means that your back links, and links in your comments will now be indexed by the three major search engines when they spider this blog.  It also means We’ll be more strict with comments approval. So better give a point which is related and good to content

Reasons Why You Should Comments on Our Blog

  • The theory of introducing noFollow to fight spam is useless. Because spammers still spam. Using anti-spamming tools such as Akismet should be enough. As alternative, if a blogger moderates comments, there is no need for a noFollow attribute.
  • Since the use of noFollow in comments on WordPress blogs is default, many bloggers do not even realize they are using NoFollow.
  • noFollow=noValue. What’s the use of no value links?
  • Linking to someone with a noFollow attribute is a sign of not trusting them. It’s like reaching to shake someone’s hand, but stopping to put on a pair of latex gloves.
  • Text link advertisements which use a noFollow make no sense. If you want to spread your Google juice, why use a link-condom?
  • Even WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg says noFollow was a failure;
    “In theory this should work perfectly, but in practice although all major blogging tools did this two years ago and comment and trackback spam is still 100 times worse now. In hindsight, I don’t think nofollow had much of an effect, though I’m still glad we tried it.”
We promote doFollow blogs and very much want you too. There is nothing wrong to help others giving them back link. Linking out to useful blogs will make your blog valuable as well.
Even though my site page rank is still low, don’t hesitate to write some comments..We promise this site page rank will increase in matter of time. You won’t want to regret it in the future. :p

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