Recover Data From Damaged CD-DVD Using Copy Cat 2.0

If your CD/DVD or Floppy(I don't think that you are dealing with it now) data is corrupted and you want to recover maximum data from your CD or DVD, then Copy Cat 2.0 is the best tool for you. You can easily Copy scratched DVD's and CD's by Copy Cat 2.0, So why not use it to Recover Data From Damaged CD or DVD.

Copy Cat 2.0 actually skip the bytes which are not readable from file and copy all other bytes therefore it extracts max data which is normally not done by windows copy operation. Copy Cat can be helpful at times when you want to copy a CD or DVD which is scratched,when you want to copy data from hard disk area which is partially not readable , when you want to copy data from floppy which is currently not being copied by windows .So download and enjoy.

Benefits of using Copy Cat 2.0

  1. Copies your oldest collection of CDs and DVDs.
  2. It even tries to copy a highly damaged media byte by byte.
  3. It gives you the option to skip the bytes if bad area found.
  4. It is a very fast data recovery tool.
  5. It also tries to copy damaged files on your hard disk.
  6. Unlike Windows copy operation it does not stop the copy if bad area found.

Copy Cat can be of great use to people who think their old memories are garbage now, try using this product to recover data and it will not disappoint you. Please note that a physically damaged disk area cannot be copied in any case but if such comes between a big file then it can be skipped so that at-least some data is recovered.

Licence : Freeware
Size = 2.92 MB
Platform : Win Xp and Vista

Download Copy Cat 2.0 and Recover Data From your Damaged CD or DVD.

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