Effective Ways to Get People Interested in Reading Your Blog

After working on your blog, diligently writing great content, and posting routinely, you are disappointed that no one is reading it. In all likelihood, people are most likely not reading your blog simply because they cannot find it. The problem is not due to the content you posted, but simply because you are one of the billions of websites located on the Internet. More than just writing good content, you need to learn how to make your blog stand out among the rest. By following the guidelines below you will drive more traffic to your blog site, with individuals eager to read your words.

Using Social Media

Of all the social media networking alternatives available on the Internet, you can easily find many solutions that will drive traffic to your blog. With Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and other social sites, you can develop strong relationships and use effective tools to redirect viewing traffic to your site.

Blog Interaction

By interacting with other weblogs, you can quickly develop relationships with both that site’s blogger and the entire audience that follows that blog. Soon you will be leaving backlinks (a link that redirects traffic to your site) in your comments and reviews on the blogs you visit. You can get started instantly by:
- Seek Out Similar Blogs – Once you locate like-minded individuals, you will be able to share your interest with theirs. Building strong relationships with people that share your interests is a great way to drive viewers to your site.
- Leave Relevant Comments – When visiting other blogs read their posts and leave interesting comments. Your relevant comment will spark the curiosity of the blogger and all of his or her followers.
- Respond to Comments – When someone leaves a comment on your blog, respond quickly. It is imperative to let that person know they feel welcome to your site, with words that are deserving of your attention. By showing respect to other individuals in the words you leave, they will show respect to you in kind.
- Share Interesting Information – If you see information and articles on other blogs, leave a comment on their site, and write an article about it on yours. Be sure to include a link to the site of the original article, and let the other blogger know what you have done. In time, your developed relationships with other bloggers will have them doing the same for you.

Cross Blog

The art of cross blogging is simply sharing an entry from one of your blogs to another one you own. You can do this by copying and pasting, or simply providing a link to your other site. This ties multiple audiences together to share interesting and informative material. The process is simple and includes:
- Self-Owned Multiple Blogs – You can easily create more than one blog. Cross post your entries between the blogs, and leave links from one to the other. Individuals who enjoy reading your content on one of your blogs will likely follow you over to your other blog.
- Find Different Audiences – By publishing identical information between your two or more blogs, you can expand your audience on each of them.

Use Forums and News Feeds

There are many peer-sourced news feeds, discovery engines, and forums online that share the same interest in your blog. Commenting on forums is a simple way to attract a larger audience. The process for this includes:
- Expand Your Reach – Getting your content out to as many individuals by using a variety of venues is a simple solution for generating more visitors to your site.
- Social Media Sites – Using personal social media site accounts along with email signatures you can leave links (backlinks) to your blog.

Write Amazing Content

A good writer is a clever writer. With just a few simple tips, you can produce attention-grabbing information that is sure to capture a large audience. They include:
- Creative Headlines – You probably recognize truly eye-catching headlines that make you want to read the content in the article. Before posting your blog, think about what would make you want to stop and read your article.
- Clever Subject Lines – Tying a clever subject line to a creative headline is similar to a one-two punch. If the headline does not capture their attention, the subject line will.
- Use Keywords – Based on the niche you are writing to, think of all the keywords, or words associated with the subject that you can. Creatively blend them into the article. This will help search engines locate your blog when someone types a keyword into a search query.

Build an Attractive Site

Once new visitors land on your blog site, you want to keep them there. Make sure your blog is as attractive as it can be. Based on your blogging platform, you can use decorative, funny, creative or professional premium WordPress themes to make your blog look its best.
About the Author: Olga Ionel is a creative writer at ThemeFuse.com – a top provider of WordPress themes. She is passionate about studying online marketing industry and sharing informative tips.

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