Four Wrong SEO Tactics You Don’t Want Google Penalizing You For

What most bloggers are quickly able to jump at is an opportunity to gain a backlink on any blog. While building backlinks can help you to significantly improve the rankings of your blog/website, there are ways it can get you penalized on Google. The aftermath of getting penalized on Google might result in your blog completely losing its rankings on the search engine result pages (SERPs) or similarly a total loss of your Google PageRank, like what happened to Mashable recently.

People that are found guilty of some SEO offences and are being penalized by Google are not only those that are in the practice of black hat SEO. In fact, some are the completely innocent and naïve internet marketers who jump at every opportunity to get a backlink.

In this blog post, I’ve prepared some SEO tactics you don’t want to get penalized on Google for and I hope they serve as a guide on your way to a successful internet marketing career.

Buying Backlinks

Buying backlinks is one of the most prominent ways big companies build backlinks to their blogs and websites, rather than get them the natural ways that appease Google.

Some notable media sites have been notoriously punished by Google for selling and buying link juices from other websites. The consequence of this is a massive loss in Google search traffic and loss of relevancy on Google’s algorithm rankings.

Linking to Panda Affected Sites

Before you link to a site that has been hit by the Google algorithm bot called “Panda”, you want to make sure the site has recovered from its “panda slap” shock before giving a link back to it. Doing otherwise, you risk letting the same thing happen to the site you are linking from.

I’ve seen first-hand what sites that tried this experienced and how they toiled the vast search engine land before they were able to recover from it.

Getting Links from a Poor Quality Site

Another SEO tactic that can hurt your site is pursuing to get backlinks from poor quality and thin sites. Blogs that have low quality content and shares too many links would pass a bad ranking to your site, which will hurt the rankings of your blog on Google.

Building a solid SEO foundation for your blog requires hard work from you, and Google expects nothing less. Pitching and writing for a blog that requires little effort from you will only get you on Google’s black book record.


What matters most is avoiding what will get you Google’s attention. But sincerely, many bloggers don’t know these things and it’s important you find them out and avoid doing them, after then will you be able to scale up your search rankings on Google.

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About the author: This guest post is written by Ayo. Ayo is a blogger who writes SEO articles for SEO doctor.

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