How Entrepreneurs Can Make Money by Displaying Ads

Being an entrepreneur means you are your own boss. But with this title comes a lot of responsibility, such as taking care and being responsible for a whole company, paying yourself and bearing all the loss your company sustains all by yourself. The joy of it is that you are free to monetize your company the way you want. But this has made many entrepreneurs under-monetize their ventures, forcing so many to quit early.

In this daring world of increasing entrepreneurship, how do you best monetize your venture? Do you offer services or display ads on your company’s website? What does it take for a growing company to make money off its popularity and credibility?

Here are some ways entrepreneurs can make money from their ventures by displaying ads.

Build a Blog for Your Company

You just started a company and you’ve been able to convince a few people to become partners with you, but you are worrying you might end up disappointing your partners? Put your worries to rest, because this is the early stage of your career and it’s not late for you to start making things right for yourself.

With the internet growing vast and big by the day, there are more opportunities opening every day. Opportunities are opening where you’d never have imagined and to whom you would least believe.

Start a blog for your company, blogging is now becoming prominent and displaying ads on a blog is a very profitable undertaking.

Grow Your Blog Audience

Of course, advertisers would approach you to display ads on your blog – but not until you’ve grown your blog audience to a very reasonable size. When advertizing with a blog is concerned, the size of your audience matters strongly. It can determine the type of sponsors that’ll approach you and what they’ll be willing to offer you.

Now that you’ve seen the importance of growing your blog audience, you’d want to consider how to do that.

Social media and link building are two powerful ways to grow your blog audience, the latter helping you to gain traffic through search engines. But we both know that building backlinks to a blog is one pretty daunting task. Unless you have a huge amount of money you are ready to spend on buying backlinks, you should consider guest blogging a great and organic way to build backlinks.

Set Your Blog Ready for ads with Crankyads

Crankyads is becoming popular every day, owing partly to its usefulness for bloggers. This Wordpress plugin helps you get your blog prepared for advertisement. With Crankyads, you can convince potential sponsors to buy ads on your blog.

Part of what Crankyads does for you is to create interlinked-banner ads for your blog – this will give potential sponsors the feeling that someone has already paid for a slot on your blog, making him or her see the value in also paying for the other slot.

Look out for Sponsors

When you must have made your blog ready for advertisement by building traffic and installing an ad monitoring plugin like Crankyads, the next thing for you to do is look out for sponsors. This is a not-so-easy task, but there is a way to make it easy for you. Get an advertising agent. Your advertising agent will do much of the work in bring a sponsor for your blog, while your agent takes a share of what your sponsor pays. Of course, this would be based on mutual agreement.

After you must have gotten a sponsor for your blog, you are now left with doing the job of retaining them on your blog. It’s easier to get a sponsor for a blog than to retain one. If your traffic goes down and your sponsor sees no value in sticking with your blog, of course you are going to lose him or her.

In other words, making money from your blog by displaying ads does not end with getting a sponsor, you still have to keep on working to see that your sponsors are pleased with your blog.

About the author: Ayodeji Onibalusi is a blogger and freelance writer. He writes for People News Site and The News of The People. He is also an SEO expert.

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