Give Readers a Reason to Stay on your Blog

Every blogger faces the challenge of how to keep readers on a blog past the first page. Your blog may feature dozens of quality posts, each with their own unique content. But without a reason to stay, visitors will quickly move to the next interesting website. The following tips can help bloggers keep readers stay on the blog for longer. 

Keep your Posts Varied

Regardless of whether the blogger maintains a general or niche-specific blog, it is important to maintain some sort of variety. Writing on a single topic again and again may bore readers, causing them to move on. Remember, there are millions of blogs available on the Internet, each with their own unique content and niche. Make yours stand out by posting a variety of quality, consistent posts.

Link Within

One best practice of SEO is to use internal linking, or linking to pages within the same website. Though important for SEO purposes, internal linking is also a useful strategy for bloggers. By placing relevant links within a post, bloggers can lead readers to other useful content. There are a number of ways to use internal linking, whether through anchor text or a list of related articles at the end of a post. Bloggers can use internal linking to build navigation within content and to divide them into subpages.

Engage Readers

Your blog may have consistent, quality content, but it all for nothing if you don’t use reader engagement techniques. There are a number of ways in which bloggers can engage readers, which include replying to comments and setting up voter polls. In addition, bloggers can end posts with a call to action, asking readers to reply to a particular question related to the post. Keeping readers engaged will show that bloggers are dedicated and willing to build a direct relationship with their audience.

Visual Appeal

The front page of your blog is often the first thing that readers will see; therefore, it is important to use an attractive display. Use a theme that is related to the content of your blog, and stay away from filling the front page with excessive advertisements.  Another tactic is to use content that utilizes videos and pictures. Infographics, high quality pictures, and HD videos are great ways to mix up the blog’s posts, and keep readers involved.

Keep your Audience in Mind

One important tip is to make sure that your content directly appeals to your audience. For example, if your blog focuses on movie news and announcements, you may want to feature shorter posts several times a day. But if your blog focuses on informing marketing professionals, you may want to write longer, original content. By understanding the needs and preferences of your readers, you can develop a content strategy that compels visitors to stay.

About the author: Rachel Hyun Kim is a writer for Resource Nation, an online resource that gives advice such as lead generation to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Rachel has written on a variety of topics, ranging from phone systems to merchant credit card processing services.

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