How to make money from your blog 5 tips

Sometime ago, when it started, blogging was just considered a pastime activity. People used to write blogs just for the sake of fun. However, as the time has changed, there has been a considerable development in this field. In the contemporary world, blogging isn’t considered only a pastime activity. People with skills can earn a significant income by writing blogs. But it isn’t so easy. As a blogger, to make money you have to work hard and must have good writing skills. Listed below are few tips that can help you to make your blog a good source of income:

1. Advertisement

Online Ads are the most popular and ideal way of earning money with your blogs. If your blog site is eminent, your blog can turn into a money-maker in no time. The best way to do it is by signing for Google AdSense. After that all you have to do is write good quality blogs in order to increase the traffic of readers on your site. More better the content more will be the number of visitors. You will be paid as per the number of clicks on ads.

2. Sell services or product on your blog

If you have a service to offer or a product to sell, you can use your blog site for promotion. You can first write about the service/product in your blog, and then offer it there. This way you will give yourself a better chance of finding a client/buyer.

3. Ask for contribution or donation

This scheme relies on the nature of the visitors, who read your blog. For this tactic to work, it is very important that you write high quality blog, which is interesting enough to make reader addictive to it. If so, you can always request for donation or contribution from readers, in order to keep the blog running. Using PayPal makes it easy for your readers to shell out some cash.

4. PPP or pay per post blogging

Pay per post is an unusual but simple way of earning money with your blogs. In this you get paid by a company to post or write a blog about their service, product or whatever they wish for. There are few very good sites, which are dedicated to PPP blogging. Sites like these match advertisers with bloggers. All you have to do is register for a PPP site and they will help out in getting a project to write about. It is a much easier way of making money with blogging. But you have to make sure that your blog meets their writing standards. Of course the better you’re writing skills are, the more you can charge your clients. Once you blog gets hit, there will be no need to look for clients, they will find you themselves.

5. Affiliate marketing

It is very similar to advertising. In order to earn money this way all you have to do is find some useful products from other websites. Then write reviews about these products and promote them on your blog. The program works on the principal of using your blog as a channel between readers and the product offering sites. Every time a visitor click the affiliate link and buys any product, you will be eligible for some commission.

This guest article is written by Alia Haley. She is a blogger who is a fashion and tech freak.  She has a weak side for gadgets and guitar. Recently she bought a brand new fender guitar for herself. Beside this she is busy in writing an article on Mac Eyeliner.

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