Google, Facebook petition hearing today, at Delhi HC

Today, even as scores of users across the country continue to browse, make social connections and interact through Facebook and Google's services, the companies brace themselves to present a convincing stand in their petition hearing at the Delhi HC, reports Zee News. Facebook and Google had challenged the summons issued by a trial court to prosecute them, pertaining to the alleged 'objectionable' nature of the content posted on their sites by stating that it was nearly impossible to 'pre-screen content' before it went up on their website. The websites maintained that prescreening content before it went up on the website would eat into the user's freedom of speech and expression. In one such court hearing, Google's counsel, Neeraj Kishan Kaul was quoted by this report as saying, "The issue relates to a constitutional issue of freedom of speech and expression and suppressing it was not possible as the right to freedom of speech in democratic India separates us from a totalitarian regime like China."
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