How to Back Up your Facebook Data

Facebook users get shaken up every few weeks with some kind of threat, wheather it's regarding privacy issues from within the social network itself, or outside sources, like now-rescinded threat from Anonymous to destro Facebook entirely in November. If your photos, friend's contact information, and other inportant data are wrapped up in you facebook account and nowhere else, it's not a bad idea to download a copy of a copy of all of it for safe keeping.

The site does permit users to download a Zip file of all their Facebook data, including wall photos, proile pictures and messages, but I doubt many users have gone through the process, so few know how it acutally works.

The compay makes it sounds enough, but in typical Facebook, it's a lot thricker than you would think. It may take an hours or more than that.

Below are the steps for taking Bacu Up you Facebook Data:

1. Go to Account.

Select Account Settings.

Find and click the little link at the bottom that reads "Download a copy of your Facebook data".

Click Start My Archive.

2. Wait for an Email
Wait for an email letting you know the archive has been created. It may take an hour or more.

Next, you have to verify your identity through a multi-step process.

3. Verify, Part 1
Click the link in the email that you received. It will take you to a Facebook page, where you have to re-enter your password. Then the process really gets going...

4. Verify, Part 2
Before you can download your file, Facebook requires that you verify you by identifying five of your friends tagged in photos, which is a lot harder than it sounds if you have friends who tag pictures of dogs, babies, cartoons, as themselves... or if they're wearing a snorkel mask.
For each chance, two photos appear, and you have to figure out who is tagged in them (it's the same person in both images) from a multiple choice list.

Only After this verification you will be to download zip file with all your information.

Inside zip file you will get two sub folders HTML and Photos, The photos folder containes your wall Photos and Profile Pictures and HTML folder containes some HTML, CSS and gif.

Soo dats all.... try it out and share your experience with us ... :)

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