Dell partnering up with Baidu to produce tablets, phones

Dell confirmed on Tuesday its plans to work with Chinese search engine Baidu to develop tablets and smartphones for the newly-announced forked version of Google's Android mobile operating system, called Baidu Yi.
Baidu, which has risen to become the sixth most-visited site according to Alexa, announced its Android spinoff in Beijing last week. Baidu Yi will replace Google's apps with in-house developed alternatives that target the Chinese market.

Reuters reports that Dell has quickly pledged its support for Baidu's efforts, especially as they relate to tablets.

"We have a partnership with Baidu and you know we have the Streak 5 tablet, so the partnership will be in that space," said a Dell spokeswoman.

The 5-inch hybrid tablet/smartphone was discontinued in the U.S. in August after a self-declared "great ride."

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