Use E-Mail Links for Better SEO

One of the most important elements to a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy is the generation of backlinks or inbound links, directing traffic toward your site. A healthy network of links from popular sites, relevant to your main search topics is likely to enhance your search engine performance and your all-important position within the search result rankings.

One means of generating backlinks is to place them within websites, and this is a very useful method, but it is not the only way; and links to your site from email communications such as newsletters and web magazines can also prove very fruitful to your SEO performance.

While links to your site from established websites have every chance of generating a large amount of traffic to your website, a link within an email newsletter is likely to create a better quality of traffic and the reason for this is fairly straightforward. As recipients of your regular newsletter, a user has demonstrated an interest in the subject matter of your website meaning the link to your site, within the email newsletter has a high likelihood of being used. This increases the number of visits to the site, increases its popularity and boosts its visibility. Better still, as these visitors are likely to be interested in your content their chances of visiting more than a single page is also increased, increasing the popularity of multiple pages, which benefits your site’s ranking and its perceived usefulness from the point of view of the search engines.

An online archive of your collection of email newsletters serves as a means of increasing the amount of keyword rich content within your site and consequently, all of the links embedded within each of these emails remains available to users. This means that their usefulness extends beyond the original distribution period of the newsletter and visits to your site can continue to be generated from this source long after.

Of course, as is the case with many methods within SEO theory, it is better to compromise between website based backlinks and email backlinks, using both techniques is the best way to ensure plenty of inbound traffic, boosting your visibility and search engine performance in the process.

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