Facebook reaches 1 trillion page views

More than 870 million unique users visited Facebook in June.
Facebook has achieved a new milestone - it has officially hit 1 trillion page views.

According to Time magazine, new figures released for web traffic in June suggested that those 870 million visitors are around 120 million greater than Facebook’s reported total number of registered users, reports Fox News.

The inconsistency in the figures might be a result of non-Facebook members visiting the site from other social media links or through search engine traffic.

The second popular site is YouTube, which only has one-tenth of the page views, but matches 90 per cent of Facebook’s unique visitors during the same time period.

According to the data compiled by the Google-owned Double Click Adplanner, Facebook received more than 1 trillion page views throughout the month of June and more than 870 million unique users visited the site with an average of 1,149.42 page views per user.


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