8 Tricks to Use When you Don’t Know What to Comment

How many times does it happened to you? You visit a blog; find it awesome; read the thousand comments people have there and the even more wonderful replies. And you are tongue tied. You don’t know what to say; simply because
  • You find the post awesomely good and don’t know what more to add.
  • Don’t know what to say, others might have said everything.
  • All you can think of the moment is “Nice, interesting, loved it!” and you don’t want to be one of “those” guys!
Or for whatever reasons, in other words; you have nothing “intelligent” to say. So what can you do? Loads of things actually.

Here’s what to do when you don’t know what to comment about:

1. Come back later:Yes, maybe your mind is clogged. Maybe you can’t think of anything to say. Like after a fight, you think of all intelligent things you could have said. Apply that rule. Bookmark it; come back later. Or when something nice clicks in that big smart brain of yours… go comment!

Tweet it: Yes, just tweet it. People like it. It might be instrumental in bringing traffic to the blog. The author loves it and you win a thank you!

3. Share it: just stressing the point again; go share it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + (yes!) or the million other sharing buttons available.

4. Read the comments: I am not encouraging plagiarism; just see what others have said, you could agree with the post but you could disagree with their comments. You might be able to relate to somebody’s comments. Join the conversation.

5. Check out something else: Maybe you don’t know what to say but it doesn’t mean you have NOTHING to say about ANYTHING. Check out something else on their blog and leave your two cents there!

6. Share your personal experience: ALWAYS goes down well with the blogger. People are happy to know that you could relate and they always compliment the post. Yes, just vent it out! WARNING: Please, Oh please, don’t tell us how you caught your spouse cheating on you – that is a personal experience, but too personal – or maybe you could just drop in the spicy details! Will make for an interesting conversation! ;)

7. Humor: I can’t stress the point enough. If you don’t have something “intelligent” to say; make a fool out of yourself! In a good way! Nothing brightens up the comment box more than a humorous input. WARNING: Don’t type in senseless jokes just because I told you to be funny.

8. Nice, interesting, loved it! : Yes, you can say that. But there are better ways to say that. You can elaborate on why you liked it; how you agree and could relate and just use nice, pretty words that makes the author happy! Nothing more pleasing than an I-Agree reader!

So, what do you do when “the power to comment” is exhausted for a while?

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