Three-click rule

The three-click rule or three click rule is an unofficial web design rule concerning the design of website navigation. It suggests that a user of a website should be able to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks. It is based on the belief that users of a site will become frustrated and often leave if they cannot find the information within the three clicks. Although there is little analytical evidence that this is the case, it is a commonly held belief amongst designers that the three click rule is part of a good system of navigation. Critics of the rule suggest that the number of clicks is not as important as the success of the clicks.
In his book, Taking Your Talent to the Web (2001), Jeffrey Zeldman wrote that the Three-Click Rule is "based on the way people use the Web" and "the rule can help you create sites with intuitive, logical hierarchical structures".
The UK government's business advice site Business Link advises the use of the rule as a 'best practice' in web design.

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