Link Building for Better SEO

Have you heard about how link building can increase your ranking within the search engines? More than likely you have but it is very possible that you don’t know how to go about it or how to accomplish getting enough one way links to increase your website’s ranking in the search engine. Believe it or not but it is not that difficult to get the permanent one way links you are in search of although it may take you a little time.
Search engines use multiple algorithms to compile their search results and websites need to have inbound links to be noticed. Since there have to be some ways to differentiate between two web pages so as to provide comparative rankings, search engines look for some signs indicating quality and approval over others, that indicate products and pages displaying those products. Such signs include links being provided on the products page. Links get reinforced when they are substantiated though good quality content. Content can be written by oneself or through expert writers, and this can include articles, news, product reviews, images and so on. The next step is to post links to the content through networking sites like Twitter, Delicious Digg and so on. This will help to popularize the content and win mass readership online, while also making the product known.
Post educational articles on other websites – Educational articles, especially how-to articles are sought by all those seeking knowledge or information about certain products and services. Such articles can be posted on service websites, especially those dealing with the products you sell through your website, and with back links to your site they can direct traffic beneficially. Alternatively, a bio type link can be placed to the website homepage. The important thing is to promote the article on the web once it has gone live, and this becomes easier through social networking sites, blogs and numerous other ways.
Your very own blog – It is a good idea to create a blog of your own, on which you post articles or information regularly, perhaps weekly, and thus get a regular readership as well. With links to your site posted in between posts, you are providing readers the opportunity to get more information about your products.
Using Twitter – Twitter tags links as “nofollow” links, but Google ignore this often. Tweets appearing on other sites will not have the no follow tag. When a URL appears as a tweet and is retweeted by many people, Google considers the URL to be good quality and the ranking improves.
Social network sites like Facebook can be used to post links to websites, post product reviews etc and spread them to your network. As word spreads more and more links to your website will crop up.
Bookmarking sites have increased to hundreds, and all articles, pictures, videos and reviews need to be bookmarked on them. Social book marks can include other related articles as well since they may fit into the same niche, and this will prevent your bookmarks getting spammed. A few more links will help to win the race of numbers that goes on with competitors.
The fundamental rule for link building is to have superior content and placing links in between, followed by social networking connections to post the links and generate readership and improve Google rankings.

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