Don't Just Focus Only on High Page Rank Links , Use All Possibilities.

We as humans always want the best… the top… but in link building, that doesn’t always matter. Yes, if you can get some good PR 6+ links, it’s going to help you out in a pretty tough niche. But, if you have a fairly uncompetitive niche, then go for any backlinks.
Just as you shouldn’t worry about your own site’s Page Rank too much (unless you are selling links), you shouldn’t worry too much about the PageRank of the page you’re getting links from. Here’s why… PageRank is fluid… just because the toolbar PageRank changes only every 3 months or so, Google has said that PageRank changes multiple times a day. A PR3 page that you hunted down may become a PR4 next update, or may go down to a PR2 at the next update, you never know. Many people don’t go for links on PR N/A or PR 0 pages… they think it’s a waste of time. But, you never know what those links will become at the next update. But, most likely, they will get a higher PageRank.

I’m not saying that going after higher pagerank links to your site is bad, but don’t make that your only focus. There could be some hidden goldmines… some hidden gems just waiting to be all polished up.

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