Social Media Users Finding Difficulty to Cope with Overload of Data

Facebook, Google, yahoo, Twitter, Yelp, Skype, YouTube are just some of the social media toys in vogue today. They have successfully opened up the lines of communication between millions of people like never before.

However, the vast capacity of their tools and features like chat, instant messages, texting has opened gates to multiple conversations that can sometimes be head spinning. The good news is that now these companies are trying to streamline their users' online experience. Facebook and Google have already started doing this with features like Facebook Messages and Google Buzz, respectively.

The sea of data is drowning people. A research carried out in 2010 revealed that corporate users receive around 110 messages on an average per day. Twitter says it has around 110 million tweets per day.

These consequences can be major for all the big companies that ignore conversation overload. AOL executive, Brad Garlinghouse, says, “Consumers don't have bandwidth to process so many fragmented convos online and, often, at once. The industry needs to address it”.

All big companies like Google, Facebook and Yahoo have noted this communications overkill. They are now revamping their services for easing the cacophony of their communications on their consumers. If, they don't do that, they might risk losing their members to stray away to their competitors.

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