Microsoft Paying you- Not Fake Scam

After getting an e-mail saying Microsoft Paying you - Not Fake i have started to search that is this true or fake  and then i went directly to the Microsoft social forum and it come to know that this is a scam mail which is floating around the world.
Think once if Microsoft is giving you that much money, why don't they give that to their shareholders, not just "friends" who receive this e-mail, this is the trick to get your e-mail addresses nothing else.
And How can they know who and how many are forwarding this mail.

This is one of the reply on Microsoft forum: This is going on for over 2 years now and I'm surprised why Microsoft hasn't released an official statement. The first time I received this email was way back in 2007 and it's pretty interesting to see that all those who 'claim' to have got fat cheques don't share their phone#s or anything.

ITS FAKE AND FAKE AND FAKE.. Why would ANYONE want to give out that kinda money.. if they really did by now Microsoft would have gone bankrupt.
Take a look of link below:

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