How to Appear HTML Code In Blogger Post

One of my friend asked me this question. How can I put  HTML code in blog post? That question inspired me to make this post. The posting about making HTML code appear in the blog posting and to do that, you have to change the character orders from HTML code with certain notation. The characters that are often used as seen below:

In order to make you understand, I will give you a sample. For example, in the posting you want to writes like below;

In your posting, if you want to post it like that, then you can’t write because the posting of the code won’t appear. But, the effects of the code you write will appear. What should we do than? As I write in the table, you have to change the characters of order with the notation replacement. So, you must write in the post like below;

One important thing is that, the above method for  Edit HTML mode. If you want to work on Compose mode then you need to remove all html tags included in the above code. 
Only the tags related to post should be changed to the replacement notation. All other html tags will be same as they appears always. and you need to use <br> tag in the end of the line.
If their will we any problem.. comment here .. i will reply as soon as possible.....:)

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