Google Adsense: Do's and Don't

List of Google Do's
Things you should strictly follow when writing and using google adsense in your blog or website is to follow the terms of service that google provides. If they find you blog or website violating their terms believe me your account will be suspended very soon.

1. Make sure that you are using a consistent theme/template with lots of informative pages about different topics. so that you can add more ads and possibly increase your CTR too.

2. Use keywords. Higher paying keywords mean high payout from google adsense.

3. Content: Use original and unique information on your website or blog. I know its easy to just take articles from article directories to add content but the truth of the matter is that that same article is already on thousands of websites and blogs. It is much better to write and use your own original content.

4. Experiment: Experiment with colors and formats of ads on your website or blog. Make sure to make the background of your adsense ads match the color of your website or blog background. Make sure that the links and text on the ads compliments and/or matches the text on your website or blog.

5. Placement: Placement is the key of success while using google adsense. Make sure to place your google adsense ads in the top section of your web page so that they can be viewed by readers without them having to scroll down(this means putting google ads above the fold for better CTR).

6. Use the google preview tool when creating your ads. You want to get a direct experience and feel on what your viewers will see when they visit your website.

7. Analytic: Use google tracking tools to monitor how your ads are doing. Google analytics is a very good start.

Google Dont's

Do not use deceptive tricks on order to get clicks on your ads. Some common methods are:

  • Automated click programs
  • Repeat manual clicks
  • Clicking your own ads (Never)
  • Using robots to click your ads
  • Tricking visitors into clicking your ads

Don't use confusing layers and fonts in your website and blog content. Your ads should match the font of your content on your website. They should also compliment the look and feel of your website such as the background and colors.

Don't have broken links on your website or blog. Always use relevant, high quality content.

Don't use old or illegal content on your website or blog. Update your pages frequently so as to stay current.

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