Get SEO Advantages Through Comments - A simple But effective SEO Tip

It would seem strange that most website owners or bloggers understand that in order to increase SEO, links to your site play a crucial part. And so the quest goes out looking to gather as many links as possible, from directories, from social media, from automated link builders, external SEO agencies, and the other sites.
However in order to keep ahead on current movements within any industry you will of course have to read magazine articles online or otherwise. And therefore the question should be asked why not combine the two?
If you run a website with a Google page rank of below 3/10 then we would ask why this is the case? The simple fact is by just leaving comment links on relevant blogs will increase your page ranking up to around a 3/10 (depending on the amount and of course your typing speed and perhaps your use of cut and paste).
Now you must be careful here to distinguish between relevant blogs and those which will pollute your SEO space. If a blog has a massive amount of traffic, and your comment and link is appealing then the pollution may well be worth it; however if this is not the case then why waste your time and more important SEO?
Another critical factor to bear in mind is the anchor text that you use; which is better a killer anchor text in which the comment gets discarded, or one with less keywords that stays in place?
Another very important point to note is that some blogs display their comments within the side-bar? Well if you think about this logically then these sites will not only add one link per comment but potentially tens, hundreds, or even thousands of links into Google. The logic is that ‘every’ page will have your link as every page has the side bar of comments.
And lastly let us quickly talk about page sculpting; What this means is that a website will try and keep all of its page rank (and usually will ‘shape’ it around pages it wants to move up the Google index). In this case however what it means however is that most out-going links will have an attribute on them called NO FOLLOW; which to put simple means Google will pretty much ignore it when determining your website’s SEO!

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