Ways To Improve Conversions For E-Commerce Websites

The main goal of every website is to increase sales, increase revenue and in other words, increase the 'conversions'. However, like in the real world, the consumer will evaluate the product before purchase, on the web; there are various factors that influence the buying behavior. This could be factors like page download, check-out cart usability, navigational flexibility of the site and various other factors.

In this post, we shall look at the best ways to increase conversions by making the right choices.


1. Check How Your Website Is Working

This is the first step. Research shows that a lot of prospective buyers are lost because the page loads slowly or the website isn't properly supported on their browser. These are something's that absolutely need to be tested. Test from different servers and check for compatibility; most importantly, resolve the issues.

2. Make Transaction Processes Simple

The registering, picking up things in the shopping cart, entering details and making final payment steps should be really simple and easy. The easier it is for one to buy, the more are the chances for them to make the purchase; consequently increasing conversions on your e-commerce site.

3. Make It Easy To Navigate

It's good to evaluate and find out whether your site is clear cut or whether it is a maze! Navigation is important because the client should know how to find his way through your site. Only then will he pick up the things he wants to buy!


1. Your Copy Should Persuade

Writing a persuasive copy is an art. You should get a good copy writer or content writer to write your marketing copy is a sleek and persuasive way. The copy goes a long way in influencing the buyer and the conversion.

2. Break Your Content In To Points

Bullets and points always work because they are easier to read and easier to comprehend.

It's always nicer to see product benefits in points and enjoy the long list than to skim through paragraphs wondering whether t actually is worth it - and that's exactly how the prospective buyer thinks.

3. Take A Second Opinion

You could ask another experienced writer to review your work or you could also get editors to reread. It's always great to go thorough content a second time. Many a times, you will notice, that you might need to delete all of your initial work and come straight to the point. There's absolutely no harm in that.

Additionally, you always have loyal customers. No harm asking them for an honest feedback that will work for your business!

Client Servicing:

At the end of the day, your client is to be worshipped. So make way for the client on your website and see how it influences sales!

1. Include Your Contact Information And Be Available On Them

Addresses, phone numbers, contact information etc - provide these on your website. The best way to be connected to your clients and prospective clients, and to build long lasting buyer - provider relationship, is to be available.

2. Feature The Testimonials

Your loyal customers need a pat on the back. Of course, this is something like advertising, and what do your consumers get in return? But honestly, people like to be given importance. So, get your best audience onto your site and feature them as your 'privileged customers'. Besides, prospective buyers also like to see testimonials and hear what people have to say.

3. Make Offers!!

Go out there and do that publicity stunt. What's the harm if it gets you buyers? Put out opt-in subscriptions and give them 'bonanza' offers for showing interest. Everyone likes an extra discount and likes to feel they are the 'special' buyer - so go ahead; every now and again, with some amount of strategy in place, you can afford to have those 'offers' out for people to buy. The little discount can get you a lot many more profits!

About the Author: Divya loves blogging about e-commerce and Website Development. She is a regular and popular blogger.

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