What are the Benefits of Using a Broadband Dongle?

Very few people pay attention to the kind of device they use to access the internet, and most of them hardly know what they are missing as a result. There are a lot of devices and modems that can help you get connected to the internet, and the kind of device you use matter a lot. For example, it is often better to connect to the internet through a wired connection than through a wireless connection. As far as devices are concerned, a dongle is currently one of the best forms of broadband modems available in the market today and this article will be giving you a few reasons why it is better to use a mobile broadband dongle.

Better Internet Speeds

The number one advantage to using a broadband dongle to connect to the internet is that it provides you with better internet speeds. Most modems available today only provide you with a few megabytes of data per seconds, whereas the case is different with a mobile dongle. With a broadband dongle you can easily get around 3.6mbps of data or up to 7.2mbps of data on any network. That kind of speed is faster than what some other forms of broadband internet connection provide.

It is More Portable

Another advantage to using a mobile broadband dongle is that it is very portable and as a result can be used everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to access the internet in your home, or whether you are trying to access the internet in the car, or whether you are trying to access the internet in front of the beach; with the right broadband dongle you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted access to the internet.

  Portability is king when it comes to choosing an internet connection, and a broadband dongle provides you with just that.

It Can be Used with Any ISP

A broadband dongle is also highly effective and useful in the sense that you can use it with any ISP you want. Unlike with most other broadband modems, you don’t have to stick with the ISP that sold the modem to you. Very few ISPs do lock their broadband dongle, and even if your ISP decides to lock theirs you can easily unlock it through the help of tutorials available online.

It Doesn't Need to be Charged

Another benefit of using a broadband dongle is that it doesn’t need to be charged. If you are trying to connect to the internet by tethering your mobile phone with your computer you won’t be able to enjoy the internet for a long time if you don’t charge your mobile phone because the battery will eventually run down. This isn’t the case with a broadband dongle. All you need to do is connect your dongle to your laptop or the computer of your choice and you are good to go.

Another great thing about the broadband dongle is that the fact that you are not charging doesn’t make it ineffective. In fact, it is faster than most broadband devices available today.

This guest article is written by Paul. Paul has been writing about broadband dongles for a long time now, he works for Broadband Expert, a company that help people find the best dongle for their needs.

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