Three Deals One Price – The Xfinity Cable Internet, TV and Voice Plan

While others think, it is the trait of the leaders to get it done and that is what Comcast has done for their customers. There is a slight difference though. They have rebranded their triple play services under the name of Xfinity and have presented it to their clients. Customers however do not have a reason to think that they are getting the old just in a new packet. It is something more. The triple play services include the company’s cable internet access now known as Xfinity cable Internet, digital cable and cable telephone services. Consumers opting for the Triple Play Bundle will get to enjoy the benefits of all the three services but at a cost that they cannot even imagine in their dream!

Xfinity is a money saving offer for consumers. It is like getting a three in one value saving pack that many shopping malls put up for their customers. Launched way back in February 2010, Xfinity has climbed the popularity charts steadily and why not? After all, how many companies can afford to provide improved services that too at just takeaway prices? Not many for sure. So with the rebranding implementation there was a certain change in the names according to which Comcast Internet was renamed to Xfinity cable internet, Comcast Digital Cable was renamed as Xfinity TV and Comcast Telephone services to Xfinity Voice.

The best part of this entire rebranding is that consumers are promised better and faster services. Take for example Xfinity cable internet. It promises high speed internet access to users as compared to any DSL broadband. Things like streaming content, downloading software and online games have become easier now. Consumers are promised benefits according to two plans- the Performance Plan and the Blast Plan. Consumers opting for the Performance Plan will be able to use speed up to 15 megabytes per second. In comparison, the Blast plan ensures a good download speed of something around say 20 megabytes per second. The plans include some more added features like a security suite, online data storage and free email.

There is something more too. The Xfinity Internet2go plan. A unique mobile service offering high speed internet access through a wireless network. This plan has a nationwide 3G and 4G coverage and works in all those regions where Comcast has their mobile network coverage. The plan is particularly a favorite among business people who always have the urgency to have an access to high seed internet while traveling.

Among the various Xfinity cable internet plans, consumers can also opt for Xfinity Wi-Fi. According to this, consumers can easily connect up to three Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Internet at public places which enables Wi-Fi connection.

Comcast values its customers and hence has put up various plans on offer from which consumers are free to make their choices according to their needs and requirements. The plans gives the users the liberty to bundle up two or more services together available at a certain price. This means that Xfinity cable internet can be teamed up with Xfinity TV and Xfinity Voice or either any of the two as per your wish.

Xfinity TV plans offer digital video recorder service, on demand programming and digital cable channels. The plan also entitles the users to view programs online. Xfinity TV plans are also accessible to non- Comcast customers who simply need to register with the Xfinity TV website to make the best of the services.

The Xfinity voice plans makes long distance calls cheaper and also gives option for unlimited calls. The basic features include a caller ID, three way calling option and call waiting. With the Xfinity brand, things are taken a step further. Users can make the best of advanced online features which offers the option to view voice mail online. If any of the users are subscribed to Xfinity cable internet then they have the option to view caller ID on the computer.

Xfinity is thus a magic box which brings forth one surprise after another. According to Comcast, Xfinity offers users multiple content choices and they are proving their words true with their actions.

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This guest article is written by Shirley Jones. She is a freelance content writer and she writes articles and blogs on Xfinity cable and other internet service related technologies.

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