Google Celebrates 13th birthday with Doodle

Google  is now officially a teenager, Google has celebrated its 13th birthday in its customarily simple manner with a Doodle showing the five letters of the company logo sitting around a cake.

The Search engine is one of the best known brands on the internet world in just 13 years. The Google Doodles always comes with hidden meanings, and has so much to say. Today’s Doodle comes with the cake lighted with the 13 candles and 3 caps. It also has 3 gifts placed on the table. In my perception, It means to me that each of the caps are “Google Guys”Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt – the three key person who founded Google in September 1998.

One cannot imagine life without Google. Google search along with its several awesome services has played an important role in our life. “Google” itself has becomes a synonym for the “Web Search”, and no doubt it is the most preferred search engine today.

So at the end for the achievements of the Google, for the reliability its gives to us, for its great importance in our life and on its 13th birthday. “Happy BirthDay Google”.

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