Facebook and Google+ update their iOS apps with enhanced sharing options

Google and Facebook have both released updated social networking apps that make it easier for users to share posts and content with people.

Facebook's iOS version 3.5 brings friend and location tagging in posts, external link sharing from a web view, new Profile and Group Walls designs and improved sharing tools that let you adjust privacy controls on posts from your mobile.

The updates reflect many of Facebook's recently implemented web-based privacy enhancements and offer iOS user interface and design changes that bring the overall look and feel of the app closer to the desktop version of the site.

The latest Google+ (G+) app (version also makes it easier to share content with your friends by enabling users to reshare posts and content other G+ users had shared with them.

Punit Soni, lead product manager, Google+ Mobile explained how resharing works in the iOS mobile app in a post on Google+.

To reshare using the updated iOS app: "Simply tap on a post (like you would to +1 it). At the bottom near the comment box, you’ll see a small arrow. Click it and you’ll see the option to 'Share this post.' Just choose your audience, add a comment if you like, and hit 'Post'," said Soni.

The reshare feature was added to Google’s Android G+ app last week.

In addition, Google’s updated G+ iOS app enables users to set their profile photo, refresh notifications when returning to the app, create new circles from Circles destination and offers improved autocomplete in Huddle.

Early users of Facebook version 3.5 report that the new version removes support for the "secret" iPad app which was discovered within the prior Facebook iPhone app.

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