ATTENTION! New Cancer Caused By Silver Nitro Oxide - Rumors

A warning message started spreading first on Facebook, through re-posting and request for the re-post, and then it spread like a fire via mobile text messages and SMS, which warns recipients not to scratch the recharge mobile or phone cards with the nails as the material used for scratch card coating i.e Silver Nitro Oxide, can cause "SKIN CANCER".

The mastermind behind this warning message used the name of Medical research Authority of the US to authenticate this message and in the last it is requested to re-post and forward the same to your contacts and friends.

Below is the look of the content of the message:

It mentions, "ATTENTION! !!! Medical research Authority of the US have found that cancer in human beings caused by 'Silver Nitro oxide'. Whenever you buy recharge cards or calling cards don't scratch then with your nails as it contains 'Silber Nitro Oxide' coating and can cause skin cancer."

This message is spreding in social media like a fire in jungle. Have a look of the truth behind this message/post:

1. I have search in whole WWW but i did't find any chemical substance named "Silver Nitro Oxide". Actually the substance 'Silver Nitro Oxide' has no scientific existense till date.

2. On the way to know about the reality behind the message I also tried with the keyword "Medical Research Authority of US" but i got suprised to know that there is no such organisation exists in US or anywhere in world.

Two chemical substance are found in real world resembles the name used in this Hoax i.e Nitrous Oxide and Nitric Oxide, but there's no such evidense that any one of these substance cause skin cancer or any type of cancer. Moreover none of these substanse has ever been used in scratch cards coating.

Moreover I come to know that 'silver foil' of scratch cards in made up of 'Latex'. Latex is a rubber plant. Accourding t Wikipedia, "Natural rubber is the most important product obtained from latex; more than 12,000 plant species yield latex containing rubber, though in the vast majority of those species the rubber is not suitable for commercial use. This latex is used to make many other products as well, including mattresses, gloves, swim caps, condoms, catheters and balloons".

Some other methods are also used to make silver coating on the cards but i dont think so any of them causes skin cancer.

After going through all tha above points, I believe that this message/post which is spreding like a fire on Facebook and other Social Media sites is just a Internet trash, therefore should not be reposted and forwarded in any case. But ya its always better not to scratch such scratch cards by your nail, coz you might have an allergy with Latex.

If you come to know anything about the topic or you want to share something with all of us, you are always welcome. You can add your point in comment section. Thanks for the attention...!!! and be aware from the Rumors.

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