Screenshots of HTC Sense 3.5 leaked

HTC has some peppy new handsets lined up for 2011 like the Bliss and a bunch of other WP7 smartphones. And as we all know, HTC is known for its user interface known as HTC Sense.

There have been a bunch of versions of Sense over the years and today Sense 3.0 stands as the newest and greatest version of Sense. But all that is set to change soon with the launch of the HTC Bliss which will introduce the Sense 3.5 UI.

We have read rumors about HTC Bliss and Sense 3.5 since the past few days but none of them have been conclusive enough. And now, some alleged screenshots of the Sense 3.5 UI has leaked on the internet courtesy of a Chinese website.

Well, the Sense 3.5 UI is pretty reminiscent of Sense 3.0 but there are some significant changes. The homescreen has an entirely new touch. The typical Menu, Phone and Settings icons on the bottom of the screen have made way to the separate Menu and Phone icons on the bottom left and bottom right of the screen.

There are some other minor tweaks to the UI which is clearly noticeable but not to such an extent. And reports suggest that this particular version of Sense is meant to run on mid ranged HTC phones like the Bliss which is said to feature a 3.7 inch display, an 800 MHz processor and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

But things would seem much better if HTC would allow reverse compatibility of the user interface for older handsets like the Incredible S, Desire S, ChaCha, Salsa, Desire HD and others. It seems like HTC had to come up with Sense 3.5 since Sense 3.0 requires higher processing and graphics performance.

HTC is holding an event in London on September 1, where it is expected that the Bliss would break cover along with Sense 3.5. Other announcements could include the HTC Puccini which is set to be the company’s first Honeycomb tablet.

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