Student launches a new Social Media Site

Social networking sites have taken the world by storm! Most people will confess that they cannot even go a day without accessing their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Most people prefer socializing and networking over the Internet than in reality. And like most things, this can pose as a problem as it tends to take away the sense of privacy that is shared by people. And secondly, social networks are not as safe and secure as they claim to be.

For Matthew Foster, a Junior Computer Science major, these are precisely the same reasons for why he created The site comes as a pleasant surprise to those who wish to communicate in a more private way online. Foster says that he wanted to create a full private platform where students can meet one another from anywhere in the world. The whole idea was to sort of meet someone at random, like at a store or a mall, and become friends. is similar to other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but a lot more private. When you update your status, one unknown person will be randomly selected to appear under your update. You can then view his or her profile and decide whether you want to become friends. If you decline the person, then you will never be able to see their profile again. If you choose to become friends, then you will be able to message each other, and comment on one another’s updates.

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